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It shouldn’t go unnoticed that this article isn’t about “stuffing” it’s about dressing. Which to be fair is stuffing that is un-stuffed and rather baked in a separate pan.
You with me so far?

I know I’m going to get pasted for this, but I don’t care for stuffing.
It comes out of the bird as a homogeneous brown mass, not to mention stuffing your turkey adds to the cooking time resulting in a dry bird.
Before you kick me out of the club for heresy, let me tell you there are two more reasons dressing is preferable over stuffing:
Because it’s not dependent on when the turkey is ready, you can make it in advance and reheat in the microwave.
You can make as much as you want! Much like Gravy, folks get grumpy if they feel cheated out of their fair share of stuffing.
The recipe below…

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