Clothes to Get Glad In

Wedding season is coming up quickly! I myself have a few to go to and I’m trying out a new look for this summer.

Now I’m not really a dress person. I’ve tried to be but I always come off as frumpy. Might be my age (40+) or maybe I just don’t have a dress personality. You know who they are that cute and quirky woman who shops at second-hand stores and looks adorable. Yeah, that’s not me.

So this is what I was thinking…..


Now I don’t have much experience with jumpsuits. I seem to remember having one about 5 or so years ago and wearing it out with heels and on a day date with sandals. These look comfy though, and the black one looks like a girl could eat at least 4 courses before having to loosen the belt! (Very important!) The green has that one shoulder thing which seems very “of the moment.” Add my big fat hoop earrings and a few bangles and done.

I’ll update when I get them and try them on.

Fingers crossed!


Happy New Year!

Hey there Wishers!
I hope the holidays were joyus and your New Year’s hangover wasn’t too bad!
I’d like to take this opportunity before we start in on our annual re-cap to thank you all for the continued support in 2015.
So many new subscribers and lovely comments and emails, you’re a wonderful bunch!
Thank you!

In January we discovered Chateau de Guandes and followed it’s ambitious owners as they patiently nursed the old Dame back to her former glory.

By September the Waters Family welcomed their first guests when a wedding was held on the grounds.
They are proceeding by leaps and bounds and I intend on checking in on them through 2016.


This spring we branched out a bit and experimented with a few recipes with delicious results.
Pork Lion Piccata
fruit compote

We also met Slinkachu and Kirra Jamison our in the feature Art is Everywhere.


Last summer we met the wonderful illustrator Maori Sakai,
tumblr_noe6ftV1O11u3eaqvo1_500Grilled veggies, Grilled Veg and made our own shower scrub.lavender 2

lav scrub 1

We thought Fall would never come, but when temps finally dipped into baking weather we jumped right in with Banana Crunch Muffins.IMG_2173
And had fun with Fall fashion, c600x441
And finally in December we made some delicious make ahead dishes to share at holiday gatherings!
Pear & Pom salad

Shrooms & rice

In the year ahead we’ll make more lovely things to eat, explore new ideas in art and fashion and meet inspiring people doing incredible things from all over the world.
Happy New Year friends, may 2016 be a remarkable one!

Poncho Perfect

Poncho Perfect
As of writing this I’m sat here wearing shorts and flip flops, but let’s pretend it’s a crisp Fall day and you need to be seen looking fab!
Flats for day and heels for evening and a poncho hides a multitude of sins! If you’ve gone and got a pair of pleather leggings like Esther (the spike) Walker has told you then you’ll look like “fashion mom”. There you go, Fall fashion sorted. Where’s my PSL?
Edit: These are the leggings I’ve bought.