Peaceful Cuisine

Japanese chef Ryoya Takashima has a great YouTube Channel called Peaceful Cuisine. I’ve been enjoying it lately and using it to wind down. Ryoya’s presence is very mellow and his imagery is simple and, well, peaceful. The (no music) versions of the videos have a subtle ASMR quality that’s very relaxing. You can also learn some fantastic vegan recipes.

Meet Erin Loechner


For February I would like you to meet Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind.
She’s a former Art Director and Stylist and HGTV host.
She’s always on top of every trend and has a fresh perspective when you think you’ve heard it all.
If ever I need a pick me up when I’m feeling uninspired I run over to Design for Mankind and remember right away why I decided to blog in the first place.
Thank you Erin!

Meet The Belsize Bovary

image by Mrs. Bovary

This month I would like you to meet Abigail, the Belsize Bovary.
Artist/Illustrator, Wife, Mother, and Sociopathic Hostess.
On her blog she tells it like it is about pregnancy, fashion and the complexities of mother/womanhood.

She’s giving away all our secrets.
She needs to be stopped.

But until she is, you should go over to the The Selfish Mother and Mr.Fox Magazine and see her features there as well.

Meet Amy Thielen


I first came to know about Amy via herFood Network show Heartland Table. I was utterly charmed by her easy going style of presentation as well as her cozy and serene Minnesota lifestyle. She’s triggered memories of how my Grandmother used to cook, and inspired me to keep things simple. She’s reminded me that you only need a good sharp knife and a few other essentials in order to be a good cook.





Photo sources Amy Thielen and Jennifer May

Meet Selfish Mother


Where was Selfish Mother when I was a young mom? Mothers from around the world contribute to this honest and refreshing blog-zine with articles like: Failing at Domestics, What if the best years of your life…aren’t? ,Why it’s ok to (heart) TV and Having Kids Doesn’t Turn Women Into Saints

Meet A Beautiful Mess


Meet, A Beautiful Mess! Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are the owners of the company who, along with their fantastic creative team, focus on bringing happiness through a handmade life style. Their tutorials, recipes, decorating ideas, and photography are a source of constant inspiration!
They have apps too! I’m addicted to their Party! Party! app and the A Beautiful Mess photo app. I’ve used it here on the blog and IRL while on vacation! What can I say other than go by the site and prepare to be amazed!

Party!Party! app in action!

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