Link Love


A few great links to check out for the weekend. Happy Friday!

How to self-promote when you’re shy.

How to accept a compliment. (How to be a grownup)

Discover the secrets of French cool-girl style.

Brunch nachos? Do tell Pioneer Woman!

What’s your daydream job?

We’ve all been pronouncing Voldermort’s name WRONG all this time!

In other (more important) HP news, Hufflepuff House won the house cup! And JKR has this to say about it!

Kirra Jamison

I’m a fan of The Design Files Melbourne Mornings series. Recently they’ve featured artist Kirra Jamison.

She’s inspired me to think about new projects. Maybe break out of my comfort zone and explore more color, bolder shapes, experiment.



How amazing is her studio space? *swoons*



Surrender star2

Link Love: Star Wars Day Edition!


Oh hells yeah!

The Crazy History of Star Wars via New Yorker Mag

Star Wars sheets for the next generation.

Star Wars I-VI The Complete Saga (Blu-Ray)

If you’d prefer to go digital: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix (Streaming)

Classic Izzard. Classic You-Tube. (Language NSFW)

Ever wonder what it would be like to be Luke Skywalker’s kid?

I NEED this Star Wars Cookbook, like, damn!

Although, Pinterest has quite a few recipes so, you’re covered.

I’m hoping that the P.I.C.* will have something for us today. New trailer/news/pics?
Stay tuned for it on all social media…

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