Paper Butterflies

It’s been ages since we made something hasn’t it? Let’s get our crafting groove going again with this simple origami butterfly.

You will need:
This PDF template: Butterfly template
2 Clothes pins
Decorative Paper
String or Embroidery Floss


1. Print the PDF, and cut out the template. You can size it however you’d like.
2. Use the template to trace the shape into decorative paper. I used a photocopy of a favorite book page.
3. Fold the paper lengthwise and crease the fold.
4. With the paper pattern facing up, begin to fold the paper into an accordion or fan fold, using the center line as a centering guide.
5. Fold the entire paper all the way up.


6. Gather the folded paper and hold it with two clothes pins
7. Tie the center with string or decorative ribbon.
8. Remove the clothes pins.
9. Gently fan the wings up and out to create the shape.
10. Attach to packages, or hang from strings. Pretty!

Butterflies mobile #office

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Party Planning Template

For the past 12 years I’ve relied on this handy template when entertaining. No matter the occasion, big or small, this is the first thing I pull out. A little organization at the start saves frayed nerves on the day. Also, the other benefit is you have a record of what you served last time or who brought what last Christmas, and so on…

Feel free to tweak to your particular necessity.

Party Planning 2012 Page 1
Party Planning 2012 Page 2

Ten Minute Tasks (printable)

It’s that time of year where all the things I’ve put off because of the holidays and birthday month are all needing to be done. Instead of stressing out about how much needs to be done I’m going to chop up all those chores into tasks lasting only ten minutes.
I even made a lovely printable list for myself to get organized.

10 Minute Tasks
Click here to download (opens in word)