Meet Esther Walker


I ran across Esther Walker while trying to find her husbands book. I found her book, Bad Cook, instead. As it was only 2.99 I bought it first.

Since, I gulped down all the past entries from her blog Recipe Rifle and became a huge fan. I really appreciate her anecdotes from the front lines of young motherhood and pregnancy. Also, some really nice recipes that don’t have eighteen bajillon steps and require a cooking degree.

Edit: Esther says her book is 1.99 in the UK. So for my UK readers enjoy the savings!

Sunday Projects: Repurposed Book Day Planner

A quick disclaimer: The book I used was falling apart. It was found at St. Vinnie’s on the take it it’s free bin. So, no showing up at my place bearing pitchforks and torches because I cut up a book.

Thanks to ahhh design for the how to on this really great project!

The book? One of my favorites and one of the best opening lines in literature. I kept some of the beautiful illustrations and incorporated them into my design.

Step #1:
Gently, carefully cut away the binding from the book cover using a sharp exact o knife.

I incorporated the beautiful illustrations into my design.

Step #2:

The spine seemed really floppy without the pages go I cut a piece of painting canvas from a sheet I had left over, then I cut a piece of the end paper to go along the spine.

Using Elmer’s glue I sandwiched the canvas to the spine and then the end paper remnant to the canvas. I tried to add some ribbon because I thought it looked nice, but wound up discarding it.

Step #3:

I placed waxed paper over the day planner then weighted the glue up with books for about 4 hours.

(if I had to do this step over, I would use spray adhesive like Amanda did. But I didn’t have any so, *shrug*)

Step #4:
I removed a three-ring binder hardware assembly from an old address book I also found at St. Vinnie’s.
I took the three-ring hardware to the home supply store and got screws and covered washers that would fit perfectly.
I marked the book and drilled for the screws and attached the hardware off-center so the book would close.

I lucked out and found day planner refills that fit perfectly, but if I didn’t I was planning on printing my own.
I used another illustration from the book for the title page

I love using my new Day Planner.