Paper Butterflies

It’s been ages since we made something hasn’t it? Let’s get our crafting groove going again with this simple origami butterfly.

You will need:
This PDF template: Butterfly template
2 Clothes pins
Decorative Paper
String or Embroidery Floss


1. Print the PDF, and cut out the template. You can size it however you’d like.
2. Use the template to trace the shape into decorative paper. I used a photocopy of a favorite book page.
3. Fold the paper lengthwise and crease the fold.
4. With the paper pattern facing up, begin to fold the paper into an accordion or fan fold, using the center line as a centering guide.
5. Fold the entire paper all the way up.


6. Gather the folded paper and hold it with two clothes pins
7. Tie the center with string or decorative ribbon.
8. Remove the clothes pins.
9. Gently fan the wings up and out to create the shape.
10. Attach to packages, or hang from strings. Pretty!

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Easter Links

Has everyone figured out what they are making for Easter? Here’s a few links to help. Or, possibly make you second guess your decision, like this wonderful looking baked ricotta!


Baked Ricotta

This is what I’m making.

You gotta have hot cross buns!

Dana at Minimalist Baker made these yummy peanut butter eggs.

Hop over to Jordan’s site and get the how to for these cute bunny ear treat bags.

Happy Easter everyone!

Meet Design Sponge

As you know, I love the internet. In this series I’ll show you the bloggers, vlogers and websites I get inspiration from.

Meet the team at Design Sponge

Click on image to see the cute gif. they made

This site has a little bit of everything if you are a design junkie like me. Party styling ideas, wedding ideas, city travel guides, recipes and, craft projects.

My all time favorite thing is the “Living In” series.
Think about your favorite movies. Have you ever thought, “I’d love to have those earrings or that chaise long.” You can take those elements of style you so admire from the movie and make them yours.

Even if you’re not in a shopping mood the “Living In” series is drool worthy.

Now if only they would do “Living In” Stealing Beauty. *ahem*

All images courtesy of Design Sponge