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I really, REALLY hope this rumor is true! It ticks off every one of my nerd boxes!

Dude. Hipster. Hang Out. Funky. Go see 16 words commonly used today that are much older than you think!

Rachel Khoo has another cookbook out next month. I’ve pre-ordered mine, how about you?

Joy the Baker gives great advice on how to become a better cook. Step 1: Learn how to read a recipe.

Link Love: On the Road


There is a bit of summer left before school starts. Why not pile in the car and go? Here are some links to help you get going.

10 Tips to remember when road tripping from Rachel Khoo Rachel went on a research trip in France for her new book.

Get the App! Roadtrippers

The 1909 Road Trip That Proved Women Could Drive

7 of the World’s Craziest Roads

Top 10 Funniest Movie Road Trips (NSFW)

Finally, no road trip would be complete without a dog-eared copy of this on your dash board.

photo courtesy of Tumblr

Meet Rachel Khoo


Recently I’ve been watching Rachel Khoo on Cooking Channel in the U.S. They’ve been replaying her BBC Two show The Little Paris Kitchen.

I love her recipes and her teeny tiny Paris kitchen! Last night I made her Chicken Dumpling Soup. Yum!
I’ll be delivering the left over to an ailing family member later today.


Her cookbook is due out in February!