So, about that jumpsuit…

I figured out why I haven’t worn a jumpsuit in more than 10 years.

So, I received the two jumpsuits (On time and in great packaging. Thank you Anthropologie!) I tried them on and hey wow…not bad! The Green one was too big so that one went back. The grey one was super comfortable and kind of fashiony without looking bizarre. Later I tried it on for Jef who said the same thing. Yay! I thought, I’ll be that cute wedding guest at last! Fashion! Yes!

And then…
Well, It was a friday and we were having a few drinks with dinner and I’ll cop to being ever so slightly faced at that point in the evening. When I went to change out of the jumpsuit I encountered a problem that reminded me why I didn’t own a jumpsuit. Being a little altered I couldn’t operate the tie closure to take the thing off! In fact, messed it up so badly that I’d tied it into a tight knot and I needed help getting it undone. And by that time I needed the bathroom, mostly from the laughing at myself. “Help me! I’m trapped in my pants!”

Let’s play the entire scene a month from now at our friend’s wedding…
Uh-huh…yeah,no. No way! I would never live that kind of story down, ever!
“Haha! Remember that time when she peed her pants at Steve and Coral’s wedding? hahaha! Why in the world would she wear such a contraption?”

So I’m sorry cute, fashiony, boho chic, jumpsuit. I think I’m going to wear what I normally wear to summer weddings. An easy sundress, sandals and kimono jacket or wrap. Boring? Maybe, But infinitely safer!


Château de Gudanes: A Love Story


I’ve told you about Château de Gudanes before. It’s a historic monument was designed by Parisian architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, famous for his neoclassical, architectural symmetry, including the Le Petit Trianon and Place de la Concorde. Sadly it was left to ruin until 2013 an Australian moved in and committed themselves to restoring this architectural gem.

Last weekend they hosted a wedding at the house and you have to go check out the photos! They are so lovely.
Happy Friday everyone!

Link Love: On the Road


There is a bit of summer left before school starts. Why not pile in the car and go? Here are some links to help you get going.

10 Tips to remember when road tripping from Rachel Khoo Rachel went on a research trip in France for her new book.

Get the App! Roadtrippers

The 1909 Road Trip That Proved Women Could Drive

7 of the World’s Craziest Roads

Top 10 Funniest Movie Road Trips (NSFW)

Finally, no road trip would be complete without a dog-eared copy of this on your dash board.

photo courtesy of Tumblr

Summer To Do List

Yay Summer! It’s best to stay busy so I don’t get into trouble.

Photo via Google

This summer I will…
_Read 10 books. I have at least that many waiting in my TBR pile.
_Take more photos. I ran across a note-book with photo ideas in it, I’d better get snapping!
_Make ice cream (10 flavors) I haven’t used my ice cream maker in a few years, but I’m loathe to part with it.
_Learn Origami. Sure I know the peace crane, but how about an Elephant!

That’s my list, what about yours? What are you up to this summer?

What I did this summer…Part 1

As you may remember, I posted a list of the things I’d hoped to accomplish this summer. Some were grand aspirations and some involved me sitting for hours looking at the glowing rectangle mounted on my wall.

So, first in the “not so much” column goes:
Go on evening drives
We did an extraordinary amount of driving this summer. Unfortunately none of it was for pleasure. A lot of twoing and froing related to family matters which I mention very briefly here I might go into it a little more in the future…i’m still thinking about it.
Anyway, we reached a point where we never wanted to sit in the car again. Plus we had probably spent a small fortune on gas so…
“Go on evening drives”….not so much.
Second Visit the U of O art gallery (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art) and take the bus.
When I was a student there I would spend down time in the gorgeous court yard and remember it fondly. It was a good idea, but I never got around to it. Instead of going and looking at art, I stayed home and made art:

I also completed 4 of the 5 things I had in mind on my life list.
#43 Get my dental issues under control.
So um, I haven’t been to the dentist in over 7 years. I should have gone and I’m sorry I didn’t because then I wouldn’t have had to pay thousands of dollars all in one go to upgrade all the old and crumbling dentistry in my mouth. I did, however get to wear these cool glasses whilst I was drilled and filled.

#83 Learn to play chess
I suck still, but, I have a good understanding of the game and how to play. I used the iChess Lite App and some videos from YouTube.
#38 Make Jef feel special on his 40th Birthday.
#26 Write a cookbook

You can buy it if you desire. Link up there in the header.

The continuation of What I did this summer coming after the crazy week of back to school preparation is over.